Features Overview

This page is designed to give an in depth look on our plans as well as standards and objectives for 53 Emerson Pl. Professionalism respect and tight communication makes good business and a lasting relationship. Located merely a few feet away from Flushing Ave exit on the BQE it is perfect and easy to get to. This building's old-fashioned exterior contrasts markedly with its state-of-the-art interior(soon to be!). It's located in Clinton hill where the area has emerged as one of New York City's premier arts districts, and also has New York City's highest concentration film productions by neighborhood. Clinton Hill is home to the largest US film and television production studio complex outside of Hollywood. 

53 Emerson Pl is a 8970 sqft warehouse which will be split in hf by retractable walls and curtains. We'd like to give our clients the option to book the whole space or just hf. Down below we've included our packages. 

space 3.jpg

The Ballroom

• Capacity: Comfortably allows for 100 people seated; 150 standing

• Private suite with Bathroom, couch, work desk, mirror (makeup room, bridal suite)

Rental of The Ballroom includes:

• Use of our catering prep-room with allowing for preparation

• Access to our substantial in-house inventory with necessities such as tables, chairs, microphones, a multi-input sound system, and Wi-Fi.

• Security will be present before guests arrive and after they leave

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The Ballroom

Other Perks:

• Open vendor policy so you may work with whomever you like to create your perfect event

• Access to our handpicked preferred vendor list, with contacts to vendors that have worked with us at many events

• Convenient location with access to the G train. BQE as well as parking garages close by

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The Studio

• The studio space is 4435 sqft included is a small office and bathrooms

• Crews will be able to drive in move equipment around and work comfortably with easy access to street level   

• Available for film and photo shoots


  • When submitting a request to book clients must include a detailed description of the event/production

  • All guest must be out by 11:00pm. Cleanup must be over by 12:00am

  • No inquire about any overnight party's, we do not allow any party to go past 11:00pm!

  • No Loud Music until 7 pm.

  • No permanent alterations may be made to the space

  • All guests must have insurance. If not, we reserve the right to purchase insurance on the guest's behalf

  • Guests are responsible for any damages that take place in the space

  • All trash and supplies belonging to the guests must be removed at the end of the booking. All bookings must be inclusive of setup and clean up time



  • Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat                                     10:00 AM - 11:00 PM